DEW-31 or 45 is D.E. Technics' Wafer Plant for producing high quality flat wafer sandwiches in an economical way. The complete line comprises 31-plate / 45-plate Oven (gas fired), Turbo Mixer, Sheet Conditioner, Cream Mixer, Wafer Spreading Machine, Cooling Turbo Mixer in transferred to Batter Holding Tank from where it is fed on to the baking plates. After baking, the sheets are automatically ejected and get transferred by the Shifter to Sheet Conditioner. From here the sheets are placed on the Wafer Spreading Machine which uniformly applies cream to the sheet passing between its stainless steel rollers. Second set of rollers makes sandwhiches which are fed to the Wafer Cutter directly or transferred to the Cooling Tunnel (Optional) prior to cutting.