Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

DE-2050SS is On-Line version of DE-2000SS. This machine is capable of wrapping biscuits in Single-, Double-, Triple- & Four-Pile packs & other items like soap bars, bakery items etc. at high speed. The machine is very popular with high-end users in & outside Pakistan

SIZE OF PACK (Length x Height x Width) : 00-250x40-80x10-50 mm
OUTPUT : Upto 250 Single-Pile packs per min. (Max)
ELECTRIC MOTOR : (1.5 HP/3-Phase) (1/2 H.P)
STANDARD EQUIPMENT : Photo-electric Eye & Inverter
DIMENSIONS OF MACHINE (Length x Height x Width ) : 5.700 x 2.080 x 1.000 mm

Please contact us at info@de-technics.com