Our Profile

D.E Technics (Pvt.) Ltd. was established under the name of Dynamic Engineering in 1984. From the very beginning the company adopted the policy of producing high quality wrapping machines and offering prompt after sale service. This policy has helped the company in building a solid base and large client bank which continues to expand.

The selection of high quality materials and use of electrical / electronic components of proven reliability and long life ensures uninterrupted & trouble free operations of the machines. This has resulted in the production of truly user-friendly machines.

D.E Technics machines cater to the needs of small, medium and large manufacturers of biscuits, chocolates, candies, bakery items, ice lollies, soap and detergent bars.

In 1988 the company added Wafer Lines to its manufacturing programme. Dozens of wafer lines have been sold in Pakistan as well as to foreign countries.

Our client bank comprises not only small, medium and large manufacturers within the country but also those in foreign countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uganda, South Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Mozambique and U.A.E.